It was a raining morning and this workout didn’t turn out as planned.  The timing was off and the sled was too heavy.  Yet we didn’t change the goals or weight as they went through it.  These guys stuck with it and gave more than was expected.  Academy 15-1 has proved that they have what it takes physically to complete any job thrown at them.  They also displayed a great deal of mental toughness and kept each team member focused in times of need every morning during PT.  


Complete 600 burpees as a team:

Buy in with below exercises. 
Each person picks their strength.
It has a 4 min time cap then starts again.  
Once exercises are completed, they can work on obtaining 600 burpees. 
Must do below workout as many times as it takes to get 600 burpees as an academy. 
1. App Bay up tower Farmers carry 2- 53lb KB

2. 800 meter row
3. 800 Meter Row 
4.  2 person Sled drag around tower
5. 35 bar bell Thrusters w/ 75lbs
6. 100 Double unders
7.  60 push-ups. 
    “You know that little voice in the back of your mind, telling you to stop? Well you can train that little voice. I taught mine to shut up.” – Unknown

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