Test day

*Perform the following 10 exercise tests in any order desired.

*Rest as much as needed, however no more than 5 min between events.

  1. Russian KB swing 24Kg for as long as possible
  2. Run on the treadmill @ 7.5mph and 15% grade as long as possible
  3. 2 min Max Double Under test
  4. Pull sled 600′ with 90lbs for time
  5. Farmers Carry 55lbs DB’s on treadmill @ 4mph and 15% grade for time
  6. Back Squat 135lbs Max reps (not the slightest of rest or break in rhythm at top of rep)
  7. Bench Press Max reps (choose your own weight)
  8. 500 meter row for time
  9. Max burpees in 1 minute
  10. Dead hang for time

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