black and white run

Today’s workout style was to simulate a Vegetation fire response.  Usually longer and lighter work than a structure response.   Sometime they can be a little mentally challenging as well.  Also, some pretty amazing times were thrown up with the 500 meter row!  Strong work!!


Fit Test: 500 Meter Row


30 minutes to accumulate as many laps around FTC.  Every 3 minutes perform 10 burpees.

Blanco: 1:23 row and 20 laps

Collins: 1:37 row and 22 laps

Park: 1:57 row and 20 laps

Guernsey: 1:25 row and 22 laps

Dallas: 1:44 row and 17 laps

Heald: 1:26 row and 19 laps

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