hose pull

Fit Test:  1.5 mile run

Blanco: 10:49

Collins: 10:21

Dallas: 12:37

Guernsey: 10:20

Heald: 11:14

Park: 12:26

(this run is actually a little longer then 1.5 miles.  It’s marked out at the tower with a few obstacles.   Fantastic work on improving!)


Part 1. 4 rounds each
*5″ hose pull 150 feet, then hand over hand pull it back over the line. Then immediately grab the hose and pull it back 150′ and hand over hand pass the line.
*Everyone starts together each time.
*Rest while your partner goes and then repeat 4x’s each and beat your time. This is a good one to add consequences if time isn’t beat.

Part 2. In partners of 2: One person has 40 strict pull ups to complete. Every minute, on the minute that passes, the other partner completes 7 burpees until all 40 reps are completed.
* The partner doing burpees can assist their partner doing pull ups under their feet if necessary.
* Switch partners and have at it



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