Team workouts are usually a favorite within the academy.  Finding new limits you didn’t know existed because your fellow teammates are relying on you, brings out the best in each other. 

500 meter row for time

Alex: 1:25.5

Andrew: 1:28.1

Bryan: 1:26.5

Carey: 1:55.7


John: 1:34.7
In a team of 3 choose one person to hold a handstand against a wall. As long as they are
holding a handstand, the rest of the team can work as hard as possible racking up as many reps as they can within 45 seconds of the following exercises:
6 rounds of Squats (approx.. 5min)
5 rounds of Leg lifts (approx. 4 min)
3 rounds of Burpees
2 rounds of Line runs
1 round of jumping lunges
* Switch places after 45 sec with very little rest and start next 45 second round.
** (Rest approx. 2 min between rounds)
*** Utilize your teams’ strengths as best as you can to accumulate the most reps
**** If handstand person falls off wall, the whole team stops working and waits until they can get back up.  Do a plank if you can’t hold a handstand as well.

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