Team Building


One of the most important aspects of a Fire Academy is the team building.  Most of the new recruits don’t know each other before day 1.  They have dropped their previous comfort zone and ventured out to something new.  Staying together and motivation within the academy is always amazing to watch as it builds.  



3 person teams:

As a team with only one member working at a time, accumulate 99 reps of the following:


Knees to Elbows


*First team to complete all reps= WIN


We can alway do more burpees!

black and white run

Today’s workout style was to simulate a Vegetation fire response.  Usually longer and lighter work than a structure response.   Sometime they can be a little mentally challenging as well.  Also, some pretty amazing times were thrown up with the 500 meter row!  Strong work!!


Fit Test: 500 Meter Row


30 minutes to accumulate as many laps around FTC.  Every 3 minutes perform 10 burpees.

Blanco: 1:23 row and 20 laps

Collins: 1:37 row and 22 laps

Park: 1:57 row and 20 laps

Guernsey: 1:25 row and 22 laps

Dallas: 1:44 row and 17 laps

Heald: 1:26 row and 19 laps

Day one for Academy 16-1

Today was day 1 for our new academy recruits.  They definitely started out on the right foot and will be a great addition to our department!


1.5 mile run for time:

Brian Guernsey: 11:00

John Collins: 11:05

Alex Blanco: 11:40

Andrew Heald: 12:22

Carrie Park: 13:18

Mason Dallas: 13:45

Then rest 10 Min:

4 min Tabata each: Squats, Situps, Pushups and Airdyne


911 pic

Today we can pay a small tribute to the victims of 9/11 by completing this workout.  The 343 squats at the end are for the 343 Firefighters lost that day.


2001 meter Row

9 Thrusters

11 Pull ups

9 Thrusters

11 Pull ups

9 Thrusters

11 Pull ups

9 Thrusters

11 Pull ups

9 Thrusters

343 Squats

Neitling: 33:30 with 95lbs Thrusters

Fuller: 42:00 with 115lbs Thrusters

Little of this and that

samoa hole

Fun Workout for the whole crew.  Use a weight that you can blow through the reps without any breaks or just a few.  We used a barbell set at 105lbs .


Clean and Jerk

Straight leg sit ups

*run 1/4 mile between each reps scheme (so a total of 1.5 miles)

Training Day

training with Airdyne








The Airdyne Bike has got to be the best machine ever invented.  It’s an old concept but the basics hold true and it’s brutal!  Here is a little training sequence if you ever make it out to station 4 and want to give it a whirl.  It’s a lot like riding a moped scooter.  It’s fun to ride for a short period, but you wouldn’t want to stay on it all day.

Complete the following 5 sets with exactly 2 minutes rest in-between.

Each second and rep counts towards your score

  1. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
    1. Dead hang for max seconds
  2. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
    1. Max burpee in 30 seconds
  3. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
    1. Max run on treadmill at 7.5mph and 15% grade
  4. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
    1. Max time swinging a 24kg Kettle Bell
  5. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
    1. Max Thrusters with 75lbs barbell

Test Day

Test day

*Perform the following 10 exercise tests in any order desired.

*Rest as much as needed, however no more than 5 min between events.

  1. Russian KB swing 24Kg for as long as possible
  2. Run on the treadmill @ 7.5mph and 15% grade as long as possible
  3. 2 min Max Double Under test
  4. Pull sled 600′ with 90lbs for time
  5. Farmers Carry 55lbs DB’s on treadmill @ 4mph and 15% grade for time
  6. Back Squat 135lbs Max reps (not the slightest of rest or break in rhythm at top of rep)
  7. Bench Press Max reps (choose your own weight)
  8. 500 meter row for time
  9. Max burpees in 1 minute
  10. Dead hang for time

1.5 mile run- all under 12min!


There were great improvements all across the board with this staple fitness test of Roseville Fire.  These guys have worked hard everyday and earned their success.  


1.5 mile run 

Then: sprints, push-ups, squats, sit-ups , burpees

Then: 1 football field suicide with squats at the goal line.

Deadlift max


Academy 15-1 is a great group to watch.  They know the value of being a team and are willing to put in the extra work for each other. 


Warm up with a lighter weight deadlift then find your 1 rep max.


Max handstand hold


500 meter row


It was a raining morning and this workout didn’t turn out as planned.  The timing was off and the sled was too heavy.  Yet we didn’t change the goals or weight as they went through it.  These guys stuck with it and gave more than was expected.  Academy 15-1 has proved that they have what it takes physically to complete any job thrown at them.  They also displayed a great deal of mental toughness and kept each team member focused in times of need every morning during PT.  


Complete 600 burpees as a team:

Buy in with below exercises. 
Each person picks their strength.
It has a 4 min time cap then starts again.  
Once exercises are completed, they can work on obtaining 600 burpees. 
Must do below workout as many times as it takes to get 600 burpees as an academy. 
1. App Bay up tower Farmers carry 2- 53lb KB

2. 800 meter row
3. 800 Meter Row 
4.  2 person Sled drag around tower
5. 35 bar bell Thrusters w/ 75lbs
6. 100 Double unders
7.  60 push-ups. 
    “You know that little voice in the back of your mind, telling you to stop? Well you can train that little voice. I taught mine to shut up.” – Unknown

Statics holds


Static holds are a technique you can practically apply on certain exercises to tap into your static and negative strength levels, in a minimal amount of time, to increase the intensity, and therefore the effectiveness, of those exercises.


*Row 500 meters for time (this is a fast sprint row.  Give it all you’ve got!)

*1min on and 1min off plank hold

*1min on 1min off squat hold 

5 tiny workouts


Sometimes an easy sounding workout will really surprise you.  Just like getting all these guys in a hand stand at the same time.


*Each couplet has a 5 min time cap.

*Rest exactly 2 min in between each workout

21-15-9 Squats and 1/2 burpees

21-15-9 Deadlift @ 115lbs and pull ups

21-15-9 Push ups and 1 tower run

21-15-9 KB swing and sumo deadlift high pull

21-15-9 Dumb Bell thruster and box jumps