For reps and time:

With your 3 man Engine company complete 3 rounds of 400 meter run, max push ups, and max sit ups (feet stabilized).  Start with one person running, one person doing push ups and one person doing sit ups.  When person 1 returns from the run, everyone rotates (run to push ups to sit ups to run).  Complete 3 rounds off each exercise.

Time the whole event and count your push ups and sit ups, the person with the most reps wins the day.

*The faster you run your 400 meters, the less amount of the others have to complete their reps, so run fast.

E5 B: 21:09

Paul: 166 push ups, 124 sit ups

Thanh: 140, 140

Red: 148, 130

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  1. Juicy Double says:

    E4C: 24.02-we rowed 500 meters instead of running.

    Ford-115 Push-ups 134 sit-ups

    Pennel- 171 push-ups 203 sit-ups

    Picchi–97 push-ups 115 sit-ups

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