Academy 16-1 = Winners!!

lined up uniformed

Today was the last day of Academy 16-1.  All of our new members put in 100% effort the entire academy.  They also gave it all for each other.  A traditional last day workout is for our current RFD members to put together a team and challenge the academy to a workout and let the best team win!!  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We also want to thank Captain Irwin, Chief Lauchner, Chief Dolson, Chief Sisk, Emily Richter and Matt Walling for putting together a very competitive team and making it a fun last day.  


Competition workout was:

Complete each section as a team before moving onto the next:

Section 1:  Row 1060 meters and Airdyne 1.6 miles

Section 2: Accumulate 16 laps around FTC (8 forward and 8 backwards)

Section 3: Burpees 160

Section 4: Row 1060 meters and Airdyne 1.6 miles

Section 5: Line runs 160

Section 6: 5″ hose pulls- 16 pulls 150′

Section 7: Tower run- 16 top floor runs and 320 jump ropes with 1.5″ rope

**** Accumulate 16:10 minutes hanging on the bar.  (can be complete at anytime throughout)  

Sisk hose pulllauchner rope jump

Dolson running


Flexibility is KING


Yoga with Casie is bound to improve your strength, balance, flexibility and mental control.  Many professional athletes are now incorporating Yoga into their weekly routine and seeing great results!  I personally believe that Yoga will give more bang for your buck than anything else throughout your career.

Assessment: 1 mile airdyne

Great improvement in just 4 weeks!

Alex: 2:04

Carey: 2:30

John: 2:06

Bryan: 2:03

Andrew: 2:04

Dallas: 2:20





Assessment:500 meter row for time
Rest approx. 5­‐7 minutes


Event 1:
In a team of 3 complete the following:
2000 meter row, 150 air squats, 150 Pushups, 150 sit-ups
*The winning team gets 1 point

Event 2:
In a team of 3 complete the following:
500 single jump ropes with 1 person able to work at a time. The other 2 members are hanging on the pull up bar. If 1 person falls of the bar, then they must switch out with jumping rope
* The winning team gets 1 point

Event 3:
In a team of 3 complete the following:
*pick a teammate to perform each exercise based on their strength
*Team can’t move on to next part until the prior is completed
1. 30 Calorie Airdyne
2. 50 abmat sit-ups
3. 30 Calorie Row
4. Run 4 laps around FTC

Mixed up dazed.


With so many different exercises available to us at the fire house, we need to practice them repeatedly without weight so we don’t get injured. Proper form is super important!  Today we did a few olympic lifts with the PVC pipes.  We also did max plank time, max push-ups and max jumps in 2-min with the 1.5″ jump rope.  All fun things to get warmed up for the LIVE BURN.

Rope Jump – Push ups – Plank

Dallas: 108-25-2:23

Carey: 101-25-1:53

John: 123-39-2:42

Alex: 64-60-1:13

Bryan: 136-51-2:18

Andrew: 110- 51- 2:08



1 loop of team work


The first time we did this workout for an Academy we instantly knew it was going to be a traditional workout to share with every Academy there after.  It’s tough physically, but most importantly, you need to work together, get a strategy and motivate your team along the way.  Nice work Academy 16-1.

1Mile airdyne

Alex: 2:06

Andrew: 2:06

Byan: 1:59

Carey: 2:33

Dallas: 2:21

John: 2:07
1loop around Corp Yard
Farmers carry 4 barbells with 95lbs each.
* Only 4 team mates can be working at a time. Switch as much as possible to get the best overall time as a team.

Find your Zen


This was our 2nd day of Yoga.  Some of the recruits love it, some haven’t quite found their ZEN yet.  However, everyone feels a little more loose for the remainder of the day.  Only 5 more days left and Academy 16-1 will be online!

There’s no ‘I’ in Team!


Team workouts are usually a favorite within the academy.  Finding new limits you didn’t know existed because your fellow teammates are relying on you, brings out the best in each other. 

500 meter row for time

Alex: 1:25.5

Andrew: 1:28.1

Bryan: 1:26.5

Carey: 1:55.7


John: 1:34.7
In a team of 3 choose one person to hold a handstand against a wall. As long as they are
holding a handstand, the rest of the team can work as hard as possible racking up as many reps as they can within 45 seconds of the following exercises:
6 rounds of Squats (approx.. 5min)
5 rounds of Leg lifts (approx. 4 min)
3 rounds of Burpees
2 rounds of Line runs
1 round of jumping lunges
* Switch places after 45 sec with very little rest and start next 45 second round.
** (Rest approx. 2 min between rounds)
*** Utilize your teams’ strengths as best as you can to accumulate the most reps
**** If handstand person falls off wall, the whole team stops working and waits until they can get back up.  Do a plank if you can’t hold a handstand as well.

Sprint training for Structure fires

Below is a great workout which can resemble the physical capacity of a typical structure fire.  As we all have experienced, a lot happens in the first 10-15 minutes, and a lot happens fast!  Academy 16-1 gave it all they had and pushed through the 5 sets.  Give this one a try at the station with your crew.

Complete the following 5 sets with exactly 2 minutes rest in-between.
Each second and rep counts towards your score
1. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
Dead hang for max seconds
2. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
Max burpee in 45 seconds
3. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
Max line runs in 45 seconds
4. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
Max pushups
5. Airdyne at 650 watts or above for max time and then get off and go immediately to:
Max jumping lunges in 1 minute

5″ hose pulls

hose pull

Fit Test:  1.5 mile run

Blanco: 10:49

Collins: 10:21

Dallas: 12:37

Guernsey: 10:20

Heald: 11:14

Park: 12:26

(this run is actually a little longer then 1.5 miles.  It’s marked out at the tower with a few obstacles.   Fantastic work on improving!)


Part 1. 4 rounds each
*5″ hose pull 150 feet, then hand over hand pull it back over the line. Then immediately grab the hose and pull it back 150′ and hand over hand pass the line.
*Everyone starts together each time.
*Rest while your partner goes and then repeat 4x’s each and beat your time. This is a good one to add consequences if time isn’t beat.

Part 2. In partners of 2: One person has 40 strict pull ups to complete. Every minute, on the minute that passes, the other partner completes 7 burpees until all 40 reps are completed.
* The partner doing burpees can assist their partner doing pull ups under their feet if necessary.
* Switch partners and have at it



Yoga for life

yoga 1

Some of the recruits have dabbled in yoga and for some it was their first time.  Yoga sounds like an easy relaxing day, but it sure brings out lots of moans and groans when we do it.  Huge thank you to Casie for coming out and sharing a much needed variety to our program. 

Wildland fitness training

Day 5 lined up

Great workout today!  Keep up the good work.

2 rounds for time:
1- Tower Suicide (run to 1st floor -down, 2nd floor- down, etc)
1- Lunge up stairs
1- Tower Suicide
1- Perform 10 squats on each floor
1- Tower Suicide
1- Perform 10 pushups on each floor

*Roughly 30 minutes

Structure Fire fitness training


Week 2 of Academy 16-1.  Some are getting a lot better at jumping rope and everyone really gave it all today!  Rest up for tomorrow.

Assessment: 500 Meter row
Rest 5-7 minutes:
Workout: (should take approx.. 30min to complete)
4 rounds each for time with 2-3 min rest in-between:
30 Double Unders (scale to 15 if needed)
Sprint 200′
Row 250 Meters/ ½ mile airdyne (switch between the 2)

Day 5