lined up uniformed

Today was the last day of Academy 16-1.  All of our new members put in 100% effort the entire academy.  They also gave it all for each other.  A traditional last day workout is for our current RFD members to put together a team and challenge the academy to a workout and let the best team win!!  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We also want to thank Captain Irwin, Chief Lauchner, Chief Dolson, Chief Sisk, Emily Richter and Matt Walling for putting together a very competitive team and making it a fun last day.  


Competition workout was:

Complete each section as a team before moving onto the next:

Section 1:  Row 1060 meters and Airdyne 1.6 miles

Section 2: Accumulate 16 laps around FTC (8 forward and 8 backwards)

Section 3: Burpees 160

Section 4: Row 1060 meters and Airdyne 1.6 miles

Section 5: Line runs 160

Section 6: 5″ hose pulls- 16 pulls 150′

Section 7: Tower run- 16 top floor runs and 320 jump ropes with 1.5″ rope

**** Accumulate 16:10 minutes hanging on the bar.  (can be complete at anytime throughout)  

Sisk hose pulllauchner rope jump

Dolson running


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