** We combined the ideas behind two great workouts and went for it!  Afterwards, we felt we had “earned” tonight’s desert as Minnich would say.


1 mile run w/ 20lb weight vest

50 Double Unders

50 Box Jump 24″

50 Over Head Walking Lunge w/ 45lbs plate

50 Strict Pullups (no kip)

50 Pushups

50 Situps

50 KB swing w/ 53lbs

50 Wall Ball 20lbs

1 mile Run w/ 20lbs weight vest

Minnich: 57:33  (scaled 44lb KB)

Neitling: 50:40

Tilton: 58:37  (scaled 25lb plate, 32lbs KB, 15lb wall ball)

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  1. kirby says:

    Kirby 52:29

    I forgot to write box jumps on the board but realized just before i finished my second mile. After the mile, (without stopping timer) i pulled the box out, measured and completed the box jumps. Last ten pullups probobly had a little kip in them. Wall balls thrown above 8’6″ line. Otherwise as RX’d

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